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How To Use Booking Sites To Save On Hotels

There’s no doubt, we all like to save money, and there’s no better time to save than when we are traveling. Today’s online shopping options offer better access to savings than ever before, but are you getting all the discounts you can? Here are some tips for saving when hotel shopping online.

Join the Sites

Most online discount sites have an option to sign up as a member of the service. These memberships are usually free, and they can often add even more discounts to your shopping. Plus, they help track your purchases, and if you travel frequently can create additional cumulative discounts.

Shop Early and Often

If you’re planning a trip, try to start shopping as soon as possible. Snag the best deals when they become available, and keep watching the sites to see if any new promotions appear. If you have booked a deal and a better one comes along, check and see if you can drop the original and switch to the new one instead.

Bundle Your Deals

Sometimes your deal will improve if you reserve your flights, lodging, car rentals or other travel needs all in one deal. Add as many travel options as possible to see how the deal discounts add up. Some sites also have the ability to save your searches and send you automatic notices if your deals improve.

Seasonal Deals

Watch for seasonal specials and promotions. Many times a travel destination will experience a slow time or an off-season, and offer discounts to promote visitors during that time. Holiday specials are also common, getting people into the accommodations they need during peak travel times.

Rewards and Codes

Take some time to browse the web for online rewards, coupons, or discount codes that can be applied to the reservation. The booking site itself may have some codes or special discounts available as well. They are sometimes not openly promoted and can be hard to find, so look around a little to see what you can dig up.


If the details of your travel can be adjusted slightly, try experimenting with different dates or times to see how the deal changes. It’s sometimes possible to get a better bundle deal simply by flying out a little earlier or later than planned. Choosing to travel on a less common day of the week can also save a tremendous amount on the deal you get.

Clubs and Organizations

Check for discounts that may be applied through your employer, national organizations and clubs, age bracket discounts, or for specific events you may be visiting. Search the travel site for organizations that partner with them for further discounts, or special coupons or codes that may apply. Look for any benefits with any groups where you are a member, or with any credit card or other accounts that may have discount offers available.

Choosing a Site

When looking for an online travel shopping experience, remember is one of the largest online travel companies in the world. With deals around the globe and close to home, they offer some of the best values available in travel discounts.

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