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7 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Hotel Stay

1. Use A Hotel Search Aggregator Site

Hotel search sites buy rooms for their search feed so they have to offload them if they are going to make a profit. The biggest sites like have so many rooms that they reserve that they sometimes end up having to offload them for a huge discount. I’ve tried a bunch of the top ones but I only really trust at this point to make sure I get the room at the cheapest price. You can try others but is always at least $1 cheaper minimum. Use this link to get an extra bit of savings.

2. Book Your Hotel 48 Days Before

After doing lots of research on Google for travel sites and from reading algorithms articles about travel it looks like 48 days before you book is the sweet spot. Of course, don’t just change your vacation just to save an extra 10% on your room if it means skipping out on a fun weekend or when a band/show is going on. Again, I only ever use to get the best deal.

3. Start Trip on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

If you are being flexible with your vacation times then pick Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday as your start. These 4 days are the cheapest since most people book out on Sunday and arrive on Thursday/Friday. Friday and Saturday night are the most expensive nights to be staying anywhere in the world. Using this day trick and I have been able to find $150+ hotels for $40.

4. Earn Creditcard Points With Your Booking

If you don’t already have a travel credit card then get on it. But again it just depends on how much money you put on a credit card per year. If you spend under $20,000 in money per year then go with a card without a yearly fee. Cards with annual fees might give you more points but you still have to spend the money to get the points. I use a Travel Mastercard when I use

5. Know Which Days In Your Destination Are Cheaper

Some destinations have special holidays that you may not have thought about when booking your vacation. Local festivals and holidays that aren’t national can increase the price of hotel rooms by 40%. Look out for holidays that happen on a Monday, people will usually extend their vacation so you can’t find any hotels for Sunday night. I went to Vancouver, BC, Canada on a long weekend where the hotels were at least $250 on all sites. When I used I was able to find the same hotel for $125.

6. Ask For An Upgraded Room

When you get the hotel ask the receptionist if they have unbooked superior rooms that they could upgrade you to. It never hurts to ask and people in hospitality like to make customers feel good. Most people are way too nervous to even ask for something free, you’d be surprised at the stories I’ve heard about just asking for an upgrade. Sometimes on you can find an upgraded room for the same price as a regular room.

7. Use Our Link

Since I travel a lot and I always use I decided to reach out to them to see if they could give me a special link to share with readers. If you use our link you will be guaranteed to get the best price they have to offer at that time.

Use this link to get the best deal possible on

Thanks for taking the time to read my article, I hope you actually found the information valuable. I’m trying my best to condense the best information on travel on the internet.

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