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13 Problems With Travel Deals

Traveling is fun. It is even more fun when you get a travel deal. Travel deals mean the price of travel costs like plane tickets or what you wish to travel with is given to you accompanied with a deal. For instance, you may buy a plane ticket and hotel accommodation together which may be cheaper, than buying them separately in most cases. Nevertheless, those deals are associated with some problems.

Dirty Hotel Rooms

One of the biggest issues is getting a dirty hotel room. In most cases, hotels are expensive. That is a good hotel with good services. However, if you get a good travel deal, you may be compressed to a cheaper hotel which may be dirty or have an insect infestation. You should complain to the company representative immediately and consider a refund of the transaction.

Additional Bills

In the travel deal, you may get a deal of a driver who takes you wherever you want. Some rental companies will bill you when they find any damages to their car. Others may even charge you for fuel.

Unfulfilled Verbal Promises

Things happen during your travel and once you report, the responsible company may promise to amend. Others avoid writing since they know that they will not handle the case. If a travel-related company agrees to attend to a situation, always ask for it in writing.

Overcharged for Baggage Fees

Since you are traveling under a packaged travel, maybe because that option was cheaper, you may encounter problems at the airline. The baggage regulation may overcharge you if you do not keenly review the fee structure.

Reservation Errors

The deal may be so sweet that you forget to check some important details. Upon your arrival, you realize that the hotel room you had booked in is hosting other guests. Check your booking carefully before making the purchase. If you find any mistake, contact the company immediately.

Rude Staff

This problem is very frustrating. As a traveler, do not engage in an argument with any rude staff but report it to the manager of the hotel. If it is an airline, air your frustrations when rating your flight.

Unreliability of Services

Since some travel deals include rental cars services, you find that some drivers are unreliable. When you want to like go for shopping, the driver may be attending to something else and will not be available when you need them.

Minimal Flexibility

As a traveler, whether you are traveling as a tourist or as a business person, flexibility is minimal. If you traveled under a tight budget, and you want to another hotel, for a while means added expenses.

The Discomfort of the Client

Travel deals are amazing. However, it is good to be aware of cheap air tickets or cheap hotel. You may go for this package yet you cannot consider that hotel or that aircraft. As a result, the entire tour will be a mess since your comfortability will be interfered with.


When you decide to go the deal way, put in mind the distance between the workplace and the sites you want to visit. You may book a deal yet the distance between the hotel and your workplace requires you to take several buses or use extra transportation.

Luggage Loss

Luggage loss is a common problem. When traveling, you will find that your luggage may disappear and the company which gave you the deal may not be responsible for that. This means that you lose your property for good.


Disappointment is expected when using the travel deals. This results from having high expectations of your trip. You may expect to find a big hotel with a jacuzzi in the bathroom only to find yourself in a small dim hotel where water is a problem. So always do your research before settling for a deal.

Regrets After the Trip

Regrets are brought about by getting a deal that you thought was good only to find out that you have spent more than you could have spent if you had traveled using the normal travel schedule.

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